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Damon x Elena

[2.18] - Last Dance

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TVD Season 4 Thought: What if Elena turning draws her more to Damon?

Before you start calling me crazy just listen. I have read the books and I know the series is alot different than them but they have got inspiration from it proven in the season 3 finale when Elena dies by drowning off wikery bridge. That is how she died and changed in the book. Sooner, but how. I believe her turning will also hopefully and maybe draw inspiration from the book for Delena fans sake. In the books When Elena awakes she is disorintated and is drawn to Damon saying “she loves him”. It won’t go exactly like that but from what we have learned from the series when a vampire is changed their emotions/feelings intense. Elena may have chosen Stefan but from what we saw in the 3x19 Delena kiss, Elena has strong feelings for Damon. The way they kissed, OMG so many emotions and feelings and passion kept hidden for far to long. When she changes all that desire she has for Damon she so desperatly tries to hide behind her love for Stefan is gonna come crashing down. Those feelings will intensify and I think that will draw Elena closer to Damon. Because of this I think that may darw a bit of a distance between Stefan and Elena which is how Paul Welsey says Stefan will become closer to another female and maybe more. All this just came flying to me as I just re-read the first book in the Vampire Diaries series. It’s possible, anything is. My Delena heart wants it so bad to. Damon and Elena like I say have kept so much passion and heat hidden for to long it needs to come out, and it’s about time for DELENA SEX, am I right?


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“Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs”

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Calamity —3x21 DE scene as it should have went—

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 Only moments ago the darkness had  crept over her and she felt herself trying to hold onto something that wasn’t there; something that her fingertips could touch and her tongue could taste but she could not bring herself to grasp and swallow it: life. Her blood passed quickly through the plastic tubes, each drop of the red liquid threatening to be her last.

But now she held onto her anchor, the only tranquility among the wild storm of what had just happened. Her eyes rolled to and forth, ready to pass out, but not before she felt his cool arms wrap around her and he whispered, “I’m here.”

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